Friday, December 28, 2012

Homemade Shower Scrub and Bath Salts

I made these shower scrubs (AKA bath salts) to give as Christmas presents to my co-workers.  Many of them don't have tubs so, I adjusted the ingredients for use in the shower instead.  Usually, for the tub, I use a larger salt crystal that takes longer to dissolve.  For the scrubs, I used a large but finer grain of salt. That dissolves not as easily as your typical table salt, but faster than the bath salt. 

You'll need the following ingredients:  Salt, food coloring, grape seed oil (or other carrier oil of your choice), essential oils and  clean containers with lids.  In all honesty, I have to say that this time, I had to make such a large amount that I didn't really pay much attention to my measurements.  I go by touch, appearance and smell but for those of you new to the craft, I'll give you some basic guidelines to start with.

First, take about 3-4 cups of coarse salt (epson is fine) for a scrub or rock salt for the bath.  You can use either of these in the bath but the larger crystals dissolve more slowly. Therefore, the smaller crystals are more suitable for the shower.

Next, mix your oil and food coloring.  Once the solution is mixed well, add it to your salts.  Gradually stir the oil and color into the salts until all of the crystals are completely covered. Use a plastic or wooden spoon to avoid any reactions that may occur using metals.

I like rich vibrant colors.  I call this mix Manderine Rose. It smells divine.  After adding the carrier oil and color, I add my essential oils  (approximately 10-15 drops total) depending on my choosen fragrance. 

I usually crumble dried herbs and/or flowers into the mix.  This adds to the fragrance, helps to bind and hold the scent and adds nice color, texture and extra exfoliation properties. These lavender petals were added to my Lavender salts.

This blend is comprised of Lavender and Rose essential oils with a bit of vanilla.  Sooooo, nice. 

I recycle glass jars, make my own labels and I use either recycled  fabric or in this case, wrapping paper printed on recycled paper from prints found on the internet.  Simply fill your containers, add a label and a lid, cover with the paper or fabric, then a rubber band and some string or ribbon.  There you have it.  Everything I needed for this project was already in my home.  Well, except for the wrapping paper prints.

Notes:  For shower use, you may want to use shatter proof containers for safety purposes.  I use the glass but I'm extra careful and only scoop out what I'm going to use into a small wooden dish.  

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