Friday, December 28, 2012

Off-Grid Heating and Cooking the Asian Way

The art of cooking off-grid is no stranger to the people of Asia.   Japan and South Korea have a long history of the utilization of mud/clay  wood fueled cook stoves which heat the home as well.  In Korea, floors are kept cozy with a type of heating called on-dol.  This is where pipes from the stove run the course of the house and provide toasty warmth to cold toes through the floor.  

In the above photos, all of the stoves are Korean except for the one in the lower right corner. That particular stove is Japanese.

My preference is for the stove in the top right corner. However, my plan is to use standard rocket stove construction as a base in an attempt to limit the need for firewood.  Rocket stoves burn more effectively therefore, utilizing much less fuel.

Here is a diagram of how ondol technology works vs that of the rocket stove:

Rocket Stove:

On the rocket stove, There are people who have actually run pipes from their rocket stoves underneath the flooring to create heating much like that of the traditional Korean ondol. Check out this link to see a video:

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