Sunday, April 1, 2012

Small Apartment Living for Off-Grid Prep

My off-grid move is now less than a year away and I've been doing many things to get us ready to take the plunge.  Mainly, an awful lot of research but also, I moved into a small Korean apartment in which I've been taking note of things I might want to incorporate into my off-grid abode.  Here are a few pics of the place both furnished and unfurnished. 

(Above) From the entrance, you can see my bedroom to the left.  It's about 78 sq ft. which is small but it's quite sunny.  It's really all I need as I can comfortably fit my bed, a closet, desk and shelf. I also added a small bedside table.

(left) It really helps that the door is a glass and sliding as it really opens the room up.

As you can see, the kitchen is quite small-only 25 sq ft. I've found though, that it has been more than enough space for me.  I never thought I could be so comfortable with such a small kitchen, it helps that it's not closed in but open to the living room area.                                                                                
The space was much more functional after moving the fridge outside the kitchen into the living area.  That way, I had enough room for my oven rack which holds an electric oven (big enough for cooking a turkey), a microwave and toaster, my wood steamer, wooden bowls, trays and cutting board. I've been thinking about how I'm going to replace all of my appliances when off-grid and I've come up with a few ideas that I'll discuss in a future post.

The door to the left of the oven rack leads to a shower/toilet room. In Korea, usually, these rooms are totally wet and the water simply goes down a drain on the floor.  This is actually, the second bathroom. 

This hallway is part of the living room.  The small hallway on the right, leads to the entrance and straight ahead, is my bedroom.  The area of the hallway is about 3 sq ft.

This is my private bath which is located inside my bedroom.  As you can see, it's simply a wet room- sink, toilet and hose for taking a shower. The bathroom is a little over 9 sq ft.

This room was meant to be a laundry/drying room but since there is a small washing machine in the kitchen, I'm going to make this room a bath room. I've already found a nice plastic portable tub online. I'll post pics of it when it's all set up.  This room goes from the living room to my bedroom. It's approximately 14 sq ft.

View from my bedroom into the living room.

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